We are The Dream Makers

The dream makers team

How many things do you have on your bucket list that you would have done if they were free?

Most of them? Us too.

Where did we come from?

Wanting to travel the world ourselves, we thought long and hard about how dreams & travel adventures go from just an idea to actually happening. It seems to be three things: having the time available, having the inspiration and information to make it possible and the funds to actually make it happen.

With these challenges in mind, we set about designing something that would inspire you every month, make you think of new places to travel and, perhaps most importantly, give you the best deasl out there from the world of travel to actually make these adventures happen!

Our goal is simple

Give each and every person an equal and realistic opportunity to actually make the things on your list happen.

Our process is even simpler

We speak to the peope from all walks of life - mad adventurers, 9-5ers and everyone inbetween to find out how they are making their dreams a reality. Then we contact the companies they've suggested and get the absolute best deals from them.

Combined, we've got all the information you'll need and a price you can afford.

We hope you like what we've made

We're always looking for feedback on what we're doing, that's why all of our membership packages give you the chance to vote on what we write about each month. So if you have any thoughts, please do let us know - you can reach us here .

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get started now!


The Dream Makers™ is the trading name for De Integro Limited, registered company number 10940673. Any questions, comments, or other interests, please contact us here.